About MagiLoop

What is MagiLoop?

MagiLoop is a process driven digital & paperless ecosystem designed for Buy Here Pay Here Dealers by Buy Here Pay Here Dealers. The MagiLoop ecosystem handles all front-end elements of the digital shopping experience. From engagement, application, underwriting, approval, online reviews, advertising analysis and customer account management to provide our Dealer’s a single platform for all customer related functions.

Our Mission

Our goal at MagiLoop is to help dealers keep more of the money they make.

We Work to Achieve Our Mission In Six Ways.
  1. We allow a Dealer to see more applications in order to sell more deals, sell better deals, or both.
  2. We give our Dealers enhanced control over their portfolio performance.
  3. Our Dealers process more applications and sales per staff member thus giving them better control over their payroll and efficiency.
  4. We give our dealers transparency into the effectiveness of their advertising spend so that they can make better decisions.
  5. Websystem that converts at a higher rate and fully integrated with other systems.
  6. Allow for better digital engagement with customers to improve internal efficiencies and better control payroll.

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The MagiLoop Effect at Dealerships

When approved online, customers show up at a much higher rate and buy more often when arriving at a dealership location.
​MagiLoop drives more qualified traffic to your dealership to maximize dealer profits and save customer's time.

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